Valires HA 040.01

Valires HA 040.01 is a self-stabilized micro alkyd emulsion at 40 % solids. The special production technique offers the advantage of a pH neutral resin with less than 0.3 % of VOC’s. The binder is a stable micro-emulsion without emulsifiers. The user has no problems with neutralizing and diluting. Valires HA 040.01 dries oxidatively, catalyzed by a compatible drier such as Valirex Co 9 % aqua.


This resin gives an impressive series of new possibilities to the paint formulator :

  • Ease of use, high stability, shear resistance.
  • Compatibility with a broad range of other resins like acrylics, vinylics, …
  • Excellent flow, leveling and open time.
  • High gloss, even in deep intense colors.
  • High build, good outdoor resistance.
  • Low yellowing.
  • Emulsifier free.
  • Good adhesion on many different substrates.

Overview of Valires

Valires HA040.01


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