Valikat Catalysts for Polyurethane manufacturing (PU)

Umicore Specialty Materials Brugge (USMB) works with and international team of qualified chemists with more then 25 years experience in different industries.

We synthesize and produce polyurethane catalysts for CASE applications: coatings, adhesives, sealants and elastomers. We developed our Valikat line of tin free and mercury free polyurethane catalysts based on non-toxic bismuth and zinc.

The Valikat products offer advantages such as:

  • Valikat catalysts are non-toxic
  • Valikat catalysts can be used as mercury replacement or tin replacement, since mercury and tin catalysts are being phased out due to legislation and hazardous characteristics.  As such Valikats are a good alternative to DBTL ( or DBTDL ) and phenyl mercury.
  • Valikat catalysts offer selectivity and can be used as co-catalysts


 Valikat product range
 Valikat applications and performance





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