Ecos ND15

Umicore introduces with Ecos ND15 an innovative cobalt-based technology that offers an easy drop-in replacement for cobalt carboxylates. Ecos ND15 is a sustainable alternative curing technology for unsaturated polyester resin and gelcoat applications. It is a cobalt alternative to accelerators currently in use by both resin manufacturers and composite fabricators, maintaining an excellent and stable quality level. Evenly the Ecos ND15 is used as sustainable alternative to driers used in paints, coatings and inks, ideal for those manufacturers who are looking for a cobalt free paint drier.

General use of Ecos ND15

Overview of Ecos ND15 based mixed driers



ECOS ND15 can be used for:

Taking toxic cobalt products out of printing inks

REACH legislation drastically curtails the allowed levels of active cobalt in printing inks. A new, much less hazardous, cobalt-containing accelerator meets today’s regulations.  read more...