The cobalt future: The long term solution: Ecos ND15

The introduction of REACh has put a lot of question marks behind the further use of cobalt based carboxylates.
As a result the future of alkyd based paints (and all oxidatively curing coatings) became a point of discussion and concern.
On the other hand REACh also created a platform for innovation. Various producers have developed a so called cobalt
alternative.Umicore has introduced a new technology that offers an easy drop in against currently used cobalt
carboxylates.  On top of the  outstanding application results Umicore provides an insight on the toxicology solution its
new polymerization catalyst ECOS ND15 brings.
Based on these figures and results, Umicore clearly differentiates itself from any other catalyst producer.
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ECOS ND15 hazard assesment - approach and results
ECOS ND15, a cobalt containing polymer, is
an innovative technology that offers an easy drop-in replacement for cobalt arboxylates. The hazard assessment of ECOS ND15 is executed in line with the REACh requirements with the appreciated cooperation of recognized test labs and toxicologists.

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