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1. Crosscore 5000: Medium oil alkyd emulsion at 50 % solids

Alkyds have many benefits. They are based on renewable raw materials. Alkyds cross-link to form a tough and hard film.

They have a high gloss potential.

Alkyds have a good open-time and thus an easy workability. They show a nice flow, film formation and have excellent adhesion on various substrates. They have good scratch and abrasion resistance.


2. The cobalt future: The long term solution: Ecos ND15!

Umicore introduces with Ecos ND15 an innovative cobalt-based technology that offers an easy drop-in replacement for cobalt carboxylates.
Ecos ND15 is a sustainable alternative curing technology for unsaturated polyester resin applications.
It is an alternative to accelerators currently in use by both resin manufacturers and composite fabricators, maintaining an excellent and stable quality level.

Evenly the Ecos ND15 is used as sustainable alternative to driers used in paints, coatings and inks.”


Taking toxic cobalt products out of printing inks

REACH legislation drastically curtails the allowed levels of active cobalt in printing inks. A new, much less hazardous, cobalt-containing accelerator meets today’s regulations.  read more...

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3. Valikat Bismuth & Zinc based catalysts for polyurethane

Umicore Specialty Materials Brugge (USMB) produces polyurethane catalysts for CASE applications: coatings, adhesives, sealants and elastomers. We developed our Valikat line of polyurethane catalysts to enable formulators and manufacturers to replace toxic mercury catalysts by the non-toxic bismuth and zinc catalysts. read more...

4. Valilube and Valiflex Esters

USMB has a long history and tradition in the production of alkyd resins, metal carboxylates and naphthenic acids.
This ester technology fits perfectly within the current product range and is a welcome add-on to the existing business.

UMSB has always been active in this field, as a toll ester producer, but wishes now to profile as a strong independent brand on the market.

A full range of Valiflex and Valilube esters are at your disposal.

Pine trees from sustainable managed forests form the basis of much of today’s pulp and paper production. During the Kraft paper production one of the pine chemicals is extracted as Crude Tall Oil (derived from the Swedish word “tallolja” or pine oil). Tall Oil Fatty Acid, Tofa, is made out of this Crude Tall Oil. The Valilube and Valiflex ester products are Tofa or dimer based.

USMB strives to implement sustainable and renewable raw materials into its product range, putting great importance to the global environmental impact. Tofa based products fit perfectly in this vision. Tofa based products offer a long lasting alternative to petrochemical raw materials. Tofa even overperforms alternative vegetable (edible) oil based products on CO2 consumption (cradle to gate).


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5. Valires HA 040.01

Valires HA 040.01 is a self-stabilized micro alkyd emulsion at 40 % solids. The special production technique offers the advantage of a pH neutral resin with less than 0.3 % of VOC’s.

The binder is a stable micro-emulsion without emulsifiers. The user has no problems with neutralising and diluting. Valires HA 040.01 dries oxidatively, catalyzed by a compatible drier such as Valirex Co 9 % aqua.


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6. Valithane RU 100.38

Currently many wall paints are manufactured with (styrene-) acrylic or vinylic polymer dispersions as binder. These paints have good overall properties. Moreover they are environmentally better accepted than the solvent paints.

Further improvements can be obtained by introducing our water dispersible alkyd binder Valithane RU 100.38 into the paint formulation.


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7. Valires RS 090.15 and Valithane RU 090.26

Paint producers are continuously working on the reduction of the VOC content of their products. The binder manufacturers obviously also continue their efforts in improving their binder proposal.

USMB is pleased to present its resins Valires RS 090.15 and Valithane RU 090.26.


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8. Drier Ca 5 neutral D60

As you probably remember, a couple of years ago, a problem had risen with the availability of the auxiliary drier Ca 10 overbased in D60. The single manufacturer of the particular acid that was used for the making of this product, decided to shut down production.

At that very moment most of the paint manufacturers didn’t have a lot of options. Still alternatives were possible. Chemically the Ca 10 overbased in D60 is a dispersion of colloidal calcium carbonate in a neutral calcium carboxylate at a 50/50 ratio, the carbonate being formed during the so called carbonatation step.

Tests have shown that the actual auxiliary drier function of calcium comes out of the calcium carboxylate content. On top it’s the calcium carboxylate which has the ability to move freely and block active sites on pigments and fillers that are responsible for the absorption of the cobalt drier. In this way the loss of drying action during storage is prevented. Calcium carbonate does not have these features.

Since only 50 % of Ca 10 consists of calcium carboxylate, Ca 5 Neutral must be as active as Ca 10 overbased. Therefore many users preferred the standard neutral calcium drier, Ca 5 N in D60, because of it’s superior action as a pigment wetting agent and also as a flow improver for long oil alkyd paint formulations.


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