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REACh is the EU regulatory system for Registration, Evaluation and Authorisation of Chemical Substances. It is applicable to chemical substances manufactured or imported in the EU. Manufacturers, importers and downstream users have to deal with Reach.

Umicore prepares for the implementation of REACh and is a leading member of some Industry Consortia such as the Cobalt REACh consortium (, the Nickel REACh consortium ( and others (more links to industry consortia to be found on

An important element in the implementation of REACh is the relation between supplier and customer. Umicore is committed to give the necessary support to suppliers and customers during REACh preparation and implementation.

More information on REACh:

More information on how Umicore implements REACh: Wouter Ghyoot, Materials Stewardship Manager, Business Unit CSM (; Tel +32 14 24 52 07).