Pine trees from sustainable managed forests form the basis of much of today’s pulp and paper production. During the Kraft paper production one of the pine chemicals is extracted as Crude Tall Oil (derived from the Swedish word “tallolja” or pine oil). Tall Oil Fatty Acid, Tofa, is made out of this Crude Tall Oil. The Valilube and Valiflex ester products are Tofa or dimer based. USMB offers a high performance chemicals, based on renewable resources, especially designed for wood protection applications. These esters can be used to give some extra strength to fiberboard and make it water repellant.

Umicore produces a variety of metal carboxylates. Metal carboxylates remain to have many applications outside the surface coating industry such as wood protection. Umicore can offer Copper Naphthenate for wood protection purposes. Umicore is one of the worlds’ leading producers of Naphthenic Acid and is therefore well experienced in the production of derivates, such as Copper Naphthenate, as well.


overview of Valirex Metal Carboxylates
Valilube and Valiflex esters