Unsaturated Poliester Resins and Gelcoats

Umicore offers Co-2-ethyl-hexanoate (also knows as Cobalt Octoate) as an accelerator for the curing of Unsaturated Polyester Resins and Gelcoats, under its trade name Valirex. Other Valirex products for these applications are based on Copper or Potassium: copper naphthenate, copper octoate, and potassium octoate.

These products accelerate the decomposition of the organic peroxide initiatiors and promote the cross-linking of polyester resins.

Ecos ND15 is a sustainable alternative curing technology for unsaturated polyester resin and gelcoat applications, based on a unique cobalt polymer. It is a one-to-one, drop-in replacement for traditional accelerators used by resin producers and composite manufacturers, maintaining an excellent and stable quality level.  It is currently the best cobalt replacement for polyester and gelcoat producers who are looking for a cobalt free accelerator.

Overview of Umicore accelerators for UPR and gelcoats