Umicore Specialty Materials Brugge produces different Rubber Adhesion Promotors (RAP’s) for the tyre and rubber industry. All cobalt products can be customized to different customer specifications. Please find below a (limited) product overview.

Ecos N 10.5: Cobalt Naphtenate 10,5%
Ecos R 8: Cobalt Resinate 8%
Ecos S 9.3: Cobalt Stearate 9,3%
Ecos S 9.5: Cobalt Stearate 9,5%
Ecos B 22: Cobalt Boro Neodecanoate 22%
Ecos B 22.5C: Cobalt Boro Acylate 22,5%
Ecos D 20.5: Cobalt Neodecanoate 20,5%

Our R&D department can assist you with various analyses and rubber tests, and can adapt the RAP products further to suit your application better.

We also have new RAPs under development in response to growing concerns on the hazard characteristics of currently used cobalt compounds.


Examples of commercially available newly developed products are:


  • NR 6.3 (borate containing)
  • NR 14
  • NR 27.3


Detailed information on UMICORE RAP's