We offer products that meet the requirements of the catalyst industry. Our products are either used to manufacture catalysts or can be used as catalyst themselves. A variety of products is available including cobalt octoate, zinc naphthenate, nickel octoate and molybdenum octoate. Metal concentrations and solvents can be varied depending on the customer requirements.

If you require high quality products manufactured under surveillance of skilled specialists the USMB products are what you are looking for.

These are some industrial catalysts that USMB can offer you today:

  • Valirex Co10%
  • Valirex Co12%
  • Valirex Zn12%
  • Valirex Ni 5%
  • Valirex Ni 10%
  • Valirex Ni 13%
  • Valirex Mo 15.5%


overview of Valirex Metal Carboxylates