Driers are an essential part of all paint formulations based on oxidatively curing resins. These resins invariably contain unsaturated fatty acids, of which the oxidation causes drying and hardening of the paint film. Umicore Specialty Materials Brugge offers a wide choice of metal soaps or carboxylates as driers. Our standard driers are dissolved in aliphatic white spirit D60. Not only can we offer a range of single driers, we also have a variety of mix driers in our portfolio and can prepare mix driers upon specific customer request. Specific driers for high solids systems and alkyd emulsions have been developed. Today the introduction of REACh has put a lot of question marks behind the future use of cobalt carboxylates. As a result the future of alkyd based paints (and all oxidatively curing coatings) became a point of discussion and concern. Umicore has introduced a new technology that offers an easy drop in against currently used cobalt carboxylates. This unique chemistry, called ECOS ND15, embeds cobalt into a polymer structure, impeding toxicological effects while safeguarding an excellent performance. This cobalt alternative has been widely tested in coatings, inks, unsaturated polyester resins and gelcoats giving excellent application results and proven to be a 1 on 1 replacement of standard cobalt octoate. The technology offers a hold for the coatings producer in these turbulent but challenging times;


overview of Valirex Metal Carboxylates 
ECOS ND15: cobalt alternative