USMB strives to implement sustainable and renewable raw materials into its product range, putting great importance to the global environmental impact. Our cobalt alternative, alkyds and esters fit perfectly in this vision.

For many years, our special attention to quality and to continuous improvement in our technology have ensured a reliable and competitive product range. Umicore offers an exhaustive range of raw materials for the paint and ink production. The product range includes long to medium oil solvent based alkyds, alkyd emulsions, micro emulsions, modified alkyds (urethane, siliconized, thixotropic, ...), TOFA esters, driers for solvent and water based coatings, Naphthenic acid, nano Zinc Oxide as mineral UV absorber, ECOS ND15 cobalt alternative, … for decorative and marine coatings.


overview of Valirex Metal Carboxylates
ECOS ND15: cobalt alternative

Naphtenic acids 
Valithane water dispersable alkyd resins 
Valires Self-stabilized micro alkyd emulsions
Valilube and Valiflex esters
Valithix thixotropic alkyds