Pine trees from sustainable managed forests form the basis of much of today’s pulp and paper production. During the Kraft paper production one of the pine chemicals is extracted as Crude Tall Oil (derived from the Swedish word “tallolja” or pine oil). Tall Oil Fatty Acid, Tofa, is made out of this Crude Tall Oil. The Valilube and Valiflex ester products are Tofa or dimer based. The ester provides protection for the two metal surfaces. The ester is always used in combination with water and oil. The water absorbs the heat while the oil is used to lubricate.  The ester acts as (co)-surfactant but can act as lubricating oil at the same time. Dosing the ester lowers the costs, offers an increased stability of the emulsion and allows the cutting oil to be recycled more often.


Valilube and Valiflex esters